discomforts sh, su1c1de, loud sounds, gore, scary images, talking about bl00d (images of it don't disturb me)
likes rain, cows, frogs, night, books, shirts, hoodies, board games, music, darkness, light, silence, gifs
dislikes coffee, dogs, cats, annoying jokes, sexual1zation, font users, too much emojis (not gifs and these ones: :)), wars, arguing

xavier !!!

✰ he/they, pol/eng, gemini, INTJ, (oriented) aroace lesbian, nonbinary, minor ✰

dm me if you want to talk to somebody/vent! i'll gladly help!

dni homophobe, transphobe, proshipper, pedophile, zoophile, under 10 years old, racist, dream supporter
names and nicknames! xavier (preferred), bruno, pluto, frogmaid, mars